Increasing profitability for shared mobility operators using agent-based mobility modelling

Digital mobility twins for operational efficiency and strategic insights
Strategic insights

Advanced simulations and instant hypothesis testing. New market exploration and city comparison for expansion.

Operational efficiency

Fleet size and shift optimisation. Demand forecasting. Demand based In-fleeting

and vehicle relocation.

Digital twin delivery in just 2 weeks
Thanks to deep process automation and the use of machine learning, we have reduced the delivery time of the initial digital twin to just 2 weeks.
Strategic decision support through multimodal simulation
  • Demand-Supply-Match
  • Service Area Optimisation
  • Simulate Service Parameter Changes
  • Price Changes
  • Decisions For Regional Expansion
  • Travel Behaviour Insights
  • Environmental assessment
  • Simulation Based A/B-Testing

REPLAN.CITY is more than just a data layer, it is a robust simulation tool. The models are designed to support both strategic planning and negotiation processes with authorities by considering the transportation system as one holistic model.
Real-time Operational Optimisation For Maximum Efficiency
  • Demand-based relocation
  • Timing of In-fleeting/De-fleeting
  • Demand Prediction
  • Optimisation of Fleet Size
  • Service shifts scheduling
  • Charging Stops Positioning

REPLAN.CITY helps you increase fleet utilisation without reducing service quality. The tool provides algorithms to optimise fleet size, and find the best spots for relocation and in-fleeting through demand prediction.
Implementation Procedure

Initial agent-based model

2 weeks

Development of a tailored agent-based model


Calibration & model tuning

10 weeks
Calibration and tuning based on client data

Running SaaS solution


User friendly UI, automatic updates, constantly improving models

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