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We help cities and on-demand mobility operators replace car trips and optimize service using AI and agent-based digital twin

Agent-based mobility digital twin
2- 4 times cheaper
..than hiring a consultant to gather data and prepare a model. We use carefully curated data sources and use AI to generate the digital twin.
1 day to get started
We deliver the digital twin based on global and local data within 1 day for you to start improving your service immediately
30 minutes to run scenario
The model is complex, but we run it in the cloud. The optimization techniques are efficient and blazing fast.
We know all mobility needs
We simulate the full day of activities and trips of each person and household in the city, to help you deliver the best service for each customer and use-case.
Our SaaS Products AI tools, that increase
top line and cut expenses of on-demand mobility operators

Connects via API to the operations software of choice and suggests vehicle relocations, dynamic pricing and service zones using ML and digital twin.


DSS, that enables Marketing & PR departments

to test hypotheses, explore new markets and prepare PR&GR reports, calculate environmental impact

Choose optimization algorithm for your needs
Fleet rebalancing and optimization
Smart fleet rebalancing is key in achieving operational efficiency and best unit-economy.
Learning from the operators' own usage data and combining it with our own potential demand data, relocation algorithm decreases idle time of the vehicles and reduces the walking distance for users.  
Dynamic pricing is an agent-based simulator, that can help you go beyond the standard zone-based or time-dependent pricing approach. We evaluate the travel time savings and use complex individual discrete-choice models to provide the best trip- and person-based dynamic pricing. 
Accessibility calculator pre-calculates the accessibility scoring both for today and for future scenarios. We use a sophisticated econometric approach to measure how good the neighborhoods are connected with jobs, social services and different activities.

The algorithms takes traffic jams and actual public transit schedule into account and calculates the accessibility for the whole day, not just for a peak hours. With the accessibility tool in you can find exactly where the improvements in mobility are needed, assess the number of customers you mobility service will attract and so much more.
Joint bus&on-demand network optimizator
Lightning fast genetic bus network optimizator creates schedules for buses or trams to cover all 24-hour public transit demand. You can both make a small change and redesign the whole network. 

Developed by OTS Lab UG in Berlin

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